The ASR is a republic situated in the Appalachian mountain range. As of now the ASR is laying claim to the home of Adam Chinchar, the Premier. 


The ASR is a "socialist republic", though currently there are no elections. Officials are appointed at the will of the Premier, policies are adopted at the will of the Premier, everything is by his will!

Internal Policies

Our economy is socialistic, there is currently much internal debate as to how to actually implement this, work is being done in accordance with the latest "Five Month Plan". Due to the ongoing management problems there are no elections. Positions are appointed at the will of the Premier and all issues are settled by his judgement, or that of his deputies. All citizens are allowed dual micro-national citizenship, though only those who are citizens to just the ASR may run for or be appointed any political office. 

Elected Council



Ministry of Military Matters

Chief Advisor of the Military; Ryan Mollette

Ministry of Economic Matters

Ministry of Agriculture

Ministry of Commerce

Ministry of the Treasury 

Chief Advisor of Economics; Timothy Pace

Appointed Currency Designer; Grayson Oder; Adam Chinchar; TBA

Ministry of Internal Affairs

Ministry of Art

Chief Advisor of the Interior; Grayson Oder

Appointed News Correspondent; Philip Waisman

Appointed Religious Advisor; Tony Ouravanh

Ministry of External Affairs

Diplomatic Ambassador to the United States; Stephen Stimac

Appointed Junior Delegate to League of Countries; Cody Halford

Ministry of Immigration

Chief Advisor of Immigration; Tony Ouravanh

Secondary Advisor of Immigration; J.C. Suddeth

Ministry of Premier's Powers

Premier; Adam Chinchar


We currently have a standing military force with *CENSORED* soldiers, we also have the following armament, *CENSORED*,*CENSORED* and *CENSORED*.


The ASR was officially founded 03-15-2012, the Ides of March.


^ Past currency ^ (Historical) 

Economy is centralized, controlled by the Ministry of Economic Matters. Currently the economy is developing and the value of an ASR credit was never set in stone. Now we use bottle caps, whose value is tied to nothing and is for the most part completely arbitrary, also the economy is still developing. 

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