Constitution of the ASR 

We believe that all people are created equal, entitled to certain unalienable rights, among these being life, and liberty. In order to safeguard these liberties, the ASR will have an armed military force, and to govern the citizenry, an Elected Council.

Liberties: Freedom of speech, petition, assembly, religion, and press. Also free to own semi automatic fire arms, and to move freely in the Republic, or the territories of it's allies. Basically if it harms no one, or only yourself you're free to do it as a citizen of the Republic.

Military: For the moment NA

Elected Council: A council consisting of a councilman from every ministry, to be elected by popular vote on the first of January, every year appointed by the Premier.

Banned Substances

Fully automatic firearms, unconventional weaponry, and counterfeit products of any kind.

Tax Codes

Since the ASR is socialist, major industries are to be nationalized and since we have no economy all industries are major. If you seek to import products into the ASR you have to pay a tariff of 10 bottle caps on all goods. If you seek to sell products in the ASR, you must use the bottle cap as currency, and if you wish to export products out of the ASR, you must pay an export tax of 3 bottle caps. All goods being shipped must be logged with the Minister of Commerce and stamped with the ASR Seal of Approval.

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