The ASR has issued a Five Month Plan to try to become a micro-national economic and political powerhouse, at the end of the Five Month Period (08-20-2012) if the stated goals are still not reached they may or may not be added to the new plan, depending on the national situation at the time.

Five Month Diplomatic, Economic and Political Plan (03-20-2012)

(Edited on 03-28-2012)

(Edited on 07-2-2012)

(Edited on 09-17-2012)

(Edited on 03-1-2013) Plan extended until all objectives accomplished. 

1. Production of a(n) flag and passport identification card for every ASR citizen.

2. Physical completion of a currency for the ASR.  (We now use the bottle cap.)

3. Completed constitution set of laws for the ASR. (We now have a working model, the will of the Premier.)

4. Having every required governmental position filled. (The Premier fills all unfilled positions.) 

5. At least one physical assembly of every member of the ASR armed forces. Have either a physical meeting of all the citizens, or a group chat with every citizen present.

6. Trade missions with all allied micro-nations. 

(What is stated above is liable to change.)

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